Elevators is a creative agency that serves the creative community of Birmingham, Alabama by activating and cultivating the executive functions of creatives and their goals.​​​​​​​
I was commissioned to reimagine the logo and branding for Elevators to better match the agency's goals and target audience. I created a logo, branding suite, and assets for social media and presentation needs. I also used the updated brand to redesign the website.
Carmen Mays, the founder, reached out to me to rebrand her company. Elevators, which started as a tech company, has transitioned into community-based work and events. The existing brand assets no longer felt conducive to the mission of the company.
I began to research and analyze the existing brand impact and audience. Elevators had created an organization that was committed to supporting creative professionals that were minorities and were based in the Greater Birmingham area. 
- Artsy
- Urban
- Grassroots
- Energetic
- Contemporary
- Grounded​​​​​​
Using the insights discovered, I began creating a logo that represented the values of Elevators.
- Bold and dynamic
- Contemporary
- Emphasize the up and down buttons of an elevator
The final result was aligned with Carmen's vision for the future of Elevators. I was tasked with updating the e-commerce website with the new color palette and assets. 
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